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rapture and supersystem
I really wish two things for this blog. After something like 10 months writing here, I feel like I'm finally finding some sort of focal point. I love digging as deep as I can into the musical world. Analyzing, discovering, learning ... anything. And I think that's what I want to share with all of you.
So here's some new stuff:
Bloc Party have made another song, The Present. They say that this will be the last of them for a while ... they're "disappearing" until 2006. Well, at least they were frank about it.
As I said earlier, the Rapture are [maybe] starting to come back. This remix of Supersystem's "Miracle" is the first we've seen of them in - depending on how you're counting time - one or two years. Listen to it here. It's pretty good, I think ... it sounds like a Rapture song, which is cool. Strong remix.
Also, the Flaming Lips are soon to release a new album (At War With The Mystics), but they have made a cover (!) of "If I Only Had A Brain" that you can all hear before the next LP hits stores.
Lastly, a few Gang of Four remixes have been made. And they suck. Download them here, but be warned ... they're bad. Especially the Hot Hot Heat one. It's one of the worst remixes I've ever heard. A total bastardization of the original. Re-worked in ways that Gang of Four never imagined, and for a damn good reason, too.