We Are Soldiers We Have Guns

we are soldiers we have guns
I know, from the sounds of it, the band We Are Soldiers We Have Guns should be very aggressive. But they are the complete opposite ...
The group is a Swedish lo-fi indie-rock band, comprised of Malin Dahlberg and friends. They remind me a bit of the Cardigans or some minimalistic, yet tight, lovesick indie group. Easily paired with other Scandinavian pop artists such as Sambassadeur.
The band released a new, self-titled EP this month ... listen to Damn Those TV Shows, Damn Them Straight To Hell to get an idea of their current sound. I like the loose harmonies at the end. Also check out some of their older pieces ... Tourists In Our Hometown and Jodi's Noise. I like how their songs tend to just sort of die off. End.
Lastly, they've got a MySpace site. Nice.