Mike Allred, the creator of the Madman, the Atomics, and X-Statix comics, just completed work on issue 7 of DC's new title, Solo. I have yet to read any of the available seven issues (with #8 out soon), but it looks good. The series features a different artist/writer (with previous issues being drawn and written by the likes of Paul Pope, Neil Gaiman, and Brian Azzarello) and story each issue. Allred's issue is about Batman (duh) and his exploits in a bizarre and psychedelic world. The Teen Titans are in it, Jack Kirby's 4th Dimension is featured, and Hour Man is the villain of the month.
It's weird to me, how many super hero comics these days sort of mock the wackiness and corniness of their older incarnations. The mainstream comics of today take themselves seriously, but know that their medium is sort of backwash and crummy to begin with. So I like how they've gotten over the whole "comics are for kids" thing, and instead of trying to make Chris Ware imitations, big companies have gone the opposite way and dedicated themselves to poking fun at the wackiness of their profession. Tre cool indeed.