Beat Is Murder

Not sure why we don't see this sort of thing more often these days ... a web-based record company, like Beat Is Murder. The label only has three bands so far, but they're all rather good, and they each have their own sound. Liger is my favorite. They sound sort of like the Unicorns in a "I recorded this in my bedroom" sort of way, but more folky and spacey (I'm using that word a lot these days). I especially like their song, Not In My Palace, but you can download their entire album here. The album comes fully equiped with album art, too! Cool indeed.
I also dig their electronic group, Yeah Pretty Boy. The group sounds like they should be on Darla's roster, but unfortunately didn't quite make the cut (or something), and are now stuck making no money because they're signed to an internet-only label. Oh well ... maybe one day. Listen to This Is A Love Song (Shalala) ... NOT! to get an idea of what they're like. If you like what you hear, you can also download their Good One Go EP in its entirety.