Where Are They?

There tend to be two kind of bands. Make that two and a half. There are those that release album after album, or an album followed by various EPs, live albums, compilations, etc. and then there are bands that release an album and then ... disappear. The "half" kind is the type of band that releases an album and then disbands ... just stops.
Groups like the Flaming Lips and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have not released a new album in a while, but stay in the public's eyes by discussing plans and touring. Groups like the Strokes and Franz Ferdinand have discographies that slowly, but consistenly grow. And groups like Interpol at least tour and do interviews and that sort of thing.
But I am very frustrated by groups that don't say that they've broken up. Groups that will briefly mention plans for a future albm, but then don't discuss it further until the bomb is dropped and the album is a month away from release.
For example, where the heck have the Liars gone? And Pretty Girls Make Graves? The Rapture? The Walkmen? Who knows?
Well, there has actually been a small amount of info released on some of those groups, and I am getting excited, although their speaking in vague terms only makes me more frustrated.
The Rapture recently said that a new album was sort of kind of in the works. They didn't flat out say they were working on one, though. However, the group did just do a remix for Supersystem's "Miracle" (check it out here). So maybe they will begin to seep back into the music scene.
Pretty Girls say that they've recorded a new album, but that was back in June ... when are we gonna get more of this?
And thankfully, the Walkmen just released a press statement saying that new songs are in the works ... album out in mid-2006, fingers crossed.
But the Liars ... hmmm. They are living in ... Berlin ... and working on some terribly ambitious follow-up to the experimental, They Were Wrong So We Drowned. I was surprised to hear that the Liars are in Berlin, but when I thought about it a little more, it actually made sense. When I was in the city this summer, I saw an astounding number of Liars concert posters. Why would they have so many concerts in Berlin? Well, now I know.
That's a really cool idea, though ... go to another country, live there ... no one will know what's up next! I like it! Very much in the style Hemmingway and Fitzgerald.