The Eskimo Disco Voxtrot

Ahhh ... "the Eskimo Disco Voxtrot" ... sounds like some bizarre new club dance. But it ain't.
Not quite as exciting as it sounds -- sorry.
Eskimo Disco is a relatively new band that is ... okay. They absolutely have a disco-inspired sound, but the deadpan vocals and punkier edge make for a more modern style than their name implies. If nothing else, the group has shown that they make good videos, having just released a very cool one for Picture Perfect. If you don't want to download the whole .mov file, just listen to the mp3 here, and get a broader sense of their sound by listening to Hello and What Is Woman. Something in them reminds me of the Scissor Sisters.
Voxtrot I like more. They're from Austin, TX, but their name sounds to me like they should be Canadian for some reason. They've got a pretty light and poppy 60s sound, but filter it though an 80s new wave lense. Crisp guitars, jazzy and precise drums, and a very clean voice make for a sound that could be heard in either decade, but has not shown up until now. Listen to a bunch of their stuff at Myspace, or just download The Start of Something. Lastly, buy their EP here.