The Poison Dart

the poison dart
Aw, I like this band, the Poison Dart. I like their name a lot ...
The [...] Poison Dart frog is one of the most poisonous animals on earth. From tiny pores in its skin, the frog secretes a defensive toxin that makes it unpalatable to curious predators and which could easily kill if injected into a human or other animal. Some Native South American tribes use the secretion as a topping on their blowdarts for hunting small monkeys and other game.
It seems to be a fitting name. It's more shocking to realize that a little cute frog killed you than a big huge killer shark (for the killer shark would be more expected ... of course it kills!)
The band has a really, really nice sound. The vocals remind me a lot of the Tilly and the Wall vocals, in that they both have a yearning quality to them. Like they want you to sing along too, or something. And that makes sense, I guess, since the band has worked extensively with the Microphones, a band which is known for its intimate, "camp fire" sound.
Listen to Lay Low, Mark Of A Man, and I Will Bend My Will.

Next up (for those of you have gotten this far), we've got Harry Potter! Woo! Perfect for Halloween, eh? Okay -- let me explain this one. Jonny Greenwood and Phil Selway (yes -- that's right, of Radiohead fame), assisted in the creation of the new Harry Potter soundtrack. They contributed three songs for the movie, and you can listen to one, "This Is the Night," right here. Wait about 30 seconds for the true song to kick in. Pretty rad, I'd say.