Weekly: Halloween

no orchestra
Before I get to the actual post here, I will explain my latest posting strategy.
I want this blog to be a tad more cohesive, so I am going to make an effort to start "theme posting" as I have dubbed it. So, I will have one post ("Weekly") dedicated to MP3s that I've come across that share some common link or sound. I hope to branch out from there ... maybe I will start a post (perhaps "The Word") that will be focused on my reading and news, and then I will have another post centered on trends. Or something like that. I'm sure all you smarties out there get the idea.
Okay -- so the post. This week's Weekly is about the 6th biggest holiday in the USA: Halloween. None of these songs were recorded for Halloween, but they all have a dark quality to them ... demonic in some cases.
First off, we've got everyone's favorite, Clap You Hands Say Yeah! The group performed several new songs in Atlanta, and I like them a lot ... listen to four of them here. I especially liked Satan Said Dance, which I think is the most appropriate Halloween song.
No Orchestra, makes perfect Halloween music. The music is from the backwoods of Canada (Southern Ontario) and is plenty creepy ... atmospheric warbles, high-hat heavy, and chilling sing along vocals. I especially like their song Saskatoon, but I haven't listened to everything on their music page, so maybe there are more gems buried within. The thing that's so cool about this band is that each of them members seems to come from a different vein of the musical world. The drummer is a pseudo-jazz guy, the guitarist/vocalist likes to play around with unique chord progressions that remind me of old country songs, and the bass player plays these really interesting walking bass lines (which you don't hear much anymore). It's cool to hear how they all work together so well.
Punk music is a good thing to put on your Halloween mix. It's just what you need to wake up those ghosts and demons on the 31st. The Sorayas are a pretty cute powerpunk trio from Gothenburg. I usually don't listen to girl bands (sorry). They tend to (in my opinion) be a little too playful and cheery, or else the mere fact that they're a "girl band" makes me decide, before listening to their music, that they have to be playful and cheery. But then again, pop music is dominated by males, so I suppose I should give the girls that attempt to compete more of a chance. Anyway, listen to Easy Tune, and get in a cheery Halloween mood!