The Pizazz

the pizazz
I'm not going to deny the fact that I get some pleasure (okay, a lot of pleasure) in knowing that I know a lot of bands. Perhaps I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to naming/classifying genres, and I have a hard time remembering album names and song titles, but I do indeed know many groups. And I've listened to them, too!
I kind of wish the present was like the past, in that regard. Okay -- let me explain that. I love the internet and the constant flow of information that I receive on a daily basis because of the magical invention, but the internet does take away a bit of the fun of "discovering" bands. It's too easy to get a bootleg of the Next Big Thing's first concert, and it's too easy to stumble upon a jem of a group, when stumbling requires less effort than it ever did before. Saying, "yeah -- I was there" doesn't get you the same amount of cred that it used to. There are no more tomes that carefully document and record every band and all of their recordings ... there is no reference point ... no mark that us listeners can set our sights on. We must blindly search deeper and deeper into the torrent of music that surrounds us, and hopefully, by digging as deep as we can, we will find fulfillment.
Okay -- enough rambling. On to the Pizazz, a Detroit-based group that I'm currently listening to. I like them because they are unlike many Detroit garage bands that are popping up all over the place these days. They sound more influenced by the Cramps than old Blues musicians, which is refreshing and unique. Although their first full-length record, They Live is just a really short collection of 4-track tunes, it's good and hints at a bright future for the band. Listen to Plan B and Kaysie. I like them, and I hope they like me.