Overlooked #2

sleep convention
I cannot think of any other musician hailing from San Deigo aside from Trees, AKA the one man synth genius, Dane Conover. Way, way ahead of his time. Conover used pretty low-tech technology compared to our modern standard (but keep in mind that his album, Sleep Convention, was released in 1982), but fleshed out his sound with plenty of standard rock gear, making him a unique musician. The whole electronic/acoustic sound has become popular now, but he was doing it 23 years ago.
I don't know the exact number records that he actually sold, but I believe that it was only 3 digits long. For such an original and stunning debut, I think it's awful that no one bought the thing! No fair ...

The only photo of the album I could find on the web was the one I took of it ... goes to show how little play the thing got.