A Cricket In Times Square, !!!

a cricket in times square
I was looking through some older music that I have on my hard drive, and came across two unreleated bands that I haven't listened to for a while.
First off is the under-rated A Cricket In Times Square, a Seattle group that had to have been named after the book. Anyways, cool stuff ... lots of distortion and kind of noise-rock in style, but with plenty of space-rock melody, too. The group is on par with their modern musical peers - drawing from similar influences (Echo, Galaxie 500, Dinosaur Jr., etc.) - but absolutely unique. Listen to 5 1/2-Minute Hallway, one of my favs from their self-titled EP.
Next we've got the over-exposed !!!. But I decided to pull one of their oldest songs (before the group was over-exposed) for this post: "The Funky Branca." Like a Branca song, !!! utilized a guitar orchestra, and like a Branca song, !!! used plenty of guitar loops and layers, but unlike a Branaca song (and like all !!! songs), !!! added in plenty of funk. Bass, drums, synths ... plenty of !!! funkiness lies within this piece. The Funky Branca.