The Beautiful New Born Children

the beautiful new born children
I would not normally like this band, The Beautiful New Born Children. They cannot be described as anything but an old-school punk group, and I tend to think that, since the genre is dead (and has been for like 20 years -- get over it, people!), there is no room for new punk bands, because they only taint the style's once grand image. Utilizing an authentic punk sound and using authentic punk gear is only part of it ... you have to rock the safety pins because you have to ... not because you want to.
But I'm giving the Beautiful New Born Children a chance. I see them as an overlooked classic that just wound up in the wrong decade. So I'll disregard the fact that they started making punk music 30 years after it was created.
They're good. They play with the ruthlessness of the Sex Pistols, but write within the poppy style (and time constrains) of the Buzzcocks. Listen to Hey Heart Breaker and Paper Mill, and perhaps you too will set aside your biases.