I Hope You Are All Happy Now

i hope you are all happy now
This is more of a reminder to myself than anything else. Nick Zinner is becoming a kind of modern Loud Reed. He's a man of few words, like Reed, yet he seems to always be on demand and is certainly very talented. He keeps a low profile, but is always there ... always expected to be working on something. Also like Reed, Zinner has recently been pursuing photography as a hobby. He released a book of photography, Slept In Beds, two years ago and has contributed to several publications since, but I Hope You Are All Happy Now is his newest and most ambitious book. It is 224 pages long and features essays by Jim Jarmusch and David Cross. This book, like his last one, also has tons of photos of the hotel rooms that his group (it's now "his group" as opposed to the group that Karen O. sings in), the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, slept in. It's kind of a cool idea, I think, because he brings an artistic and creative element to a seemingly spontaneous and unorderly way of life: being in a rock band. Although the rooms are a total mess, the concerts full of pubescent teenages and college students, and the after parties some of the wildest around, the photos are tame. They are indeed vibrant, but they were all consciously taken, making them seem worthwhile and more interesting to look back upond than some amateur shots of the events.
Way cool. I want it. Twenty bucks for almost 230 pages of Nick Zinner material? Too cool.