La Laque

la laque
The lacquer? That's what "La Laque" means, right? It is indeed a weird name, but La Laque is as bizarre a band as you would expect with a name like that. The name (and the fact that their lyrics are in French) would lead you to believe that the group is ... well, French. But they ain't. Indeed, they're from indie-rock-central: NYC. Not that that's disuaded them from pulling the expected image off flawlessly. They obviously draw their sound and style from that whole 60s French new wave movement. They even wear the right clothes! But unlike Stereolab, who professes to draw inspiration from the same roots, La Laque completes the sound with sexy, Brigitte Bardot-esque high-pitched vocals, lush orchestrations, and a thick cloud of beats and confident bass. Opposites definitely do attract in this band, and the dynamic that exists between the members makes for a very mystical and eerie sound. Listen to their music here or check out my personal favorite, Secret, the song that is featured on their split 7" with Pas/Cal.
I think the bass player looks a lot like Metric's bass player.

They're too sexy ... too cool (in the classic sense of the word) for me. I want more.