Oh, Canada (Part 2)

Since my last "Oh, Canada" post, I have been looking deeper into the scene up there, trying to prove myself wrong about the area. Indeed, I am still correct (!) ... Montreal and Toronto have plenty of stuff worthy of spreading to the US soon, so I don't see that scene becoming reclusive in the near future.
Took me a long time to figure out that Ohbijou was one word, but when I typed the single word as opposed to "oh bijou," in to Google, a whole new world of information opened up to me.
Casey Mecija is the singer/songwriter who started the group, but it's still really "her" band ... the rest of the musicians seem to come and go as she sees fit. Their music is sort of bedroom pop, but way, way more ... you really need to listen to it to get a better of idea of their sound ... here's a sample from the first album, Misty Eyes.
I also came across the Acorn while looking up Ohbijou stuff. Great band ... very ... Canadian (that is is a style in my book now). I love their abrupt start-and-stop approach to making music. Reminds me a little bit of the Unicorns in that way, but tighter, and more ornate. Listen to The Pink Ghosts, Darcy, and Do You Not Yearn, At All?!
Get their album, The Pink Ghosts at Kelp Records. What's up with Canadians and ghosts?
Lastly (for now), I am enjoying the Silent Film Soundtrack's music. Again, lots of stop-and-start stuff going on here, but spacier and harder at points. Also, I like the use of organ and time changes ... pretty cool indie-rock stuff. They've got a New Music Canada