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crystal castles
Crystal Castles is working on an EP called Untrust Us that will be released through S.L.U. Records ... soon.
Judging by the demos, it will be fantastic ... (listen to a few songs on their alternative MySpace page.)
Frankly, I'm surprised that they even decided to make something as structured as an EP. In my interview with them, I remember how they consistently said they are not a band etc. ...
Note: Crystal Castles have never done an interview; only random friends have answered their questions for them.
So it's cool to see them doing something here. The EP is absolutely "cleaner" and more labored. Check some of the tracks out, and then pre-order it!
Crystal Castles - 1983
Crystal Castles - Rot
Crystal Castles - Untrust Us

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats not true, they have done interviews

Blogger nik mercer said...

the word from the band is that they don't do email interviews themselves. i feel had ... i did one with them!
we'll never know ...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did a phone interview with them for our local music paper and after it got printed i was told that i had actually TALKED TO THEIR ROOMMATE! Soooo pissed. Whatever, the new songs are great.

Blogger Rose said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger Rose said...

found your blog on the hype machine while frantically searching for any crystal castles tracks I could get my hands on... so thanks! your blog is sweet, keep on it man, keep on it.

Anonymous violet said...

Could you possibly repost these songs? I need them something horrible! xx

Blogger nik mercer said...

violet --

the trax are from a very limited-run ep i got from s.l.u., so i cannot put them back up for download. sorry.
the ep's out soon, though, and it will have the same tracks ...


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