Cherries In the Snow

I was just listening to some Pixies today ... just remembering how great a band they were and all, reflecting on how many heart string they pulled ...
And while NYC's Elk City isn't quite the same, they do have a similar approach to making what I'd like to call ... alternative rock. Yeah, it's post-punk, it's clean, it's dreamy with a bit of psych here and there, a bit of John Cale and early art-rockers like that ... but at it's core, Elk City pays its biggest dues to the Pixies.
And they friggin' pull it off with flying colors. Their sound is completely unique ... it's a remembrance and respectful re-interpretation of alternative (post-alternative?) rather than a copy, but don't think this trio ain't all about the Pixies.

Anyway ... listen to a few tracks and watch their spectacular video for "Cherries In the Snow." Be impressed.
Elk City - Cherries In the Snow
Elk City - Los Cruzados