Woah Wah Woo

the sweptaways
Lookin' for a band that'll fill the gap that the Futureheads have left in your heart? Look See Proof may be the guys for you. Thick British accents, sharp, simple guitar hooks, and a slowly-churning yet vital rhythm section make these lads a really fun group. There's plenty to sing along to here, too, which I'm sure flies high with the 14+ crowd. Man do I like those drums ... so speedy, so frantic, so precise. Ahh ...

Stockholm's the Sweptaways are really pushin' my buttons. They're like, a 20-some-odd-piece a'cappella that does covers of classics by folks such as Lesley Gore, Jenny Wilson, Pet Shop Boys, Kiss, Black Sabbath, Embassy, Monica Törnell, El Perro del Mar and Kate Bush. Pretty quirky idea, and it's well carried out. They've cool artwork and some rad digs to match (imagine the Polyphonic Spree meets Marie Antoinette or something of that variety).
the Sweptaways - Wuthering Heights