Happy Together

Trevor, the kind face behind NYC's Music Related (which released the great Shugo Tokumaru's debut) sent me his Pandatone project's latest album, Happy Together yesterday.
I'm really digging this LP. Pandatone is a glitch-pop/IDM genius, and Happy Together -- his first record in three years -- makes this completely clear.

The CD is more mature than the previous efforts ... it's slowed down, more contained and thought through, but certainly no less unpredictable and sporadic at times. The patience involved in the production of the 8-track album is what makes it's so spectacular ...

Additionally, Pandatone does some collaboration with a female vocalist on several tracks here, adding to the organic qualities that make the CD so accessible and pleasing.
Be sure to get these teaser MP3s, check the MySpace page, and buy the thing once it's out!
Pandatone - I Forgot If We Dreamed
Pandatone - Did It Happen