I don't understand how these Swedes keep doing what they're doing, but they maintain!
Studio is a mesmerizing ... pop outfit from the country, and I couldn't be more enamored with a duo.

These guys combine the hooks, A-B-A-B structures, and backup keyboard lines of pop with the dance vibe of a club. Most of the songs surpass the 10-minute mark, and those that don't are hypnotic enough to make those five minutes sound more like fifty ...

When they sing, I swear I hear Robert Smith, but then it's all washed away by layer upon layer of dubbed melodies, jumpy rhythms, and an overall atmospheric ambiance ...

These guys are very, very cool, and it's clearly not just because they're Swedish! They sound like no other group from the country I've ever heard, but keep that cleanness and crispness that make so many Scandinavian bands appealing and accessible. Well played.
Studio - Radio Edit