So Near, So Close

the mary onettes
I've been a pretty big fan of the Mary Onettes since they first started releasing stuff on Labrador, and now they've finally got a self-titled debut out! Yes yes yes!

For those of you who aren't familiar, the Mary Onettes (MySpace) are a Swedish group that specializes in making music that is always in between converting completely to Joy Division's sound and Echo & the Bunnymen's. The drums sound ... exactly like JD drumming back in '79, '80 ... the synth lines are right on, too. As for production, the Mary Onettes specialize in that uber-atmospheric, but incredibly dry sound ... as though each instrumentalist recorded his part in a gymnasium all alone.
It works for me, don't get me wrong, but the moments at which the group edges on Coldplay (vocally or orchestrally) or gets a little too sappy and inches too close to the cheesy New Wave border ... I lose interest.

Check out the single from the album and decide for yourself, though. I'd say these guys are worth it!
the Mary Onettes - Void


Anonymous said…
labrador can do no wrong, as far as i'm concerned.
Robyn said…
YAAY, no more weeny eps! This makes me happy. :D