The Ocean Floor

the ocean floor
I've been listening with the utmost fascination to the Ocean Floor for a week or so now, and am glad to present it to you all!
The band is the brainchild of Lane Barrington who composes these rather lo-fi, folky, free-jazz sort of songs. They're pop tunes, that's for sure, but the style would more specifically be described as like, twee jazz. Basoon, flute, banjo, and other interesting instruments fill out his start-stop structure well. On top of that, he's got quite a rhythm section; the beat always seems to be crumbling, scatterbrained, but there's continuity and form there making the songs all the more sweet and endearing.

Be sure to check out the MySpace page and then download a few tracks for later enjoyment.
the Ocean Floor - Down the Drain
the Ocean Floor - A Simple Adventure
the Ocean Floor - Once I Was a Newlywed