Coming to America!

the tough alliance
Summer Lovers Unlimited Music (the same guys who bring you Crystal Castles and the Teenagers!) are really gettin' their game on. Their newest signing is Sweden's Tough Alliance (who're on Sincerely Yours in their home country).

The group combines the guitar-pop that made Sweden so famous with dancey electronic sensibilities, yielding a really, really pleasing, fun, and good-to-get-you-moving feel.
Plenty o' vocoder, [synth-]heavy bass lines, a Cure sort of vocal talent, bouncy, summery beatz, and an overall jumpy -- but not annoying in any way! -- style. Man will the EP (which you can pre-order here) get you moving. There're only 1000 copies to be released, so get it while it's hot! A full-length is planned for the summer.
Perfect timing.
the Tough Alliance - 25 Years and Runnin'
the Tough Alliance - Silly Crimes