David Byrne Lends His Talents

byrne and forro
I've never heard of this group, Forro In the Dark, but now I'm sort of intrigued. They're Brazilians via NYC, and since that alone meshes perfectly with Byrne's embrace of world music, he did a collaboration with them ... "I Wish."

It's a twangy, bouncy, Brazilian folk pop tune, and with Byrne's vocals on top, it sounds so perfect. Like a return to Talking Heads circa 1983. You get the idea ...

Check out some more of Forro In the Dark's stuff over at their MySpace page. It's more jovial and jazzier than you'd expect from the "I Wish" tune, but I like it. A goofy bachelor pad soundtrack.
Forro In the Dark feat. David Byrne - I Wish