Lucky Soul B-Sides

lucky soul
I am absolutely enamored with the British six-piece, Lucky Soul. They're like, Mazzy Star done by the Ronettes or something. A little bit of Mazzy Star in there, a little bit of the Pipette ... but completely unique in their own way.

Some of these unreleased B-Sides remind me a lot of like, the Ravonettes (who happen to be great admirers of the band), but they're cleaner, crisper, and a little more jovial, bouncy.

The singer, Ali Howard, has one of the most beautiful voices in Glasgow, so who could ask for more!?
Lucky Soul - Give Me Love (Remastered)
Luck Soul - That Hollywood Glow
Lucky Soul - I Gots the Magic


Anonymous said…
Loving these, but I'm only getting half the songs - I've tried downloading/playing them all, but they keep breaking off halfway through.

Oh, and check the picture you've put up dood; they're a British SIX-piece! :-)
Nicholas Mercer said…
hmm ... very strange. i'll work on it when i get back from work et. al. thanks for catching that glitch! my apologies.
Anonymous said…
No problem, thanks for your help!

Bought the album earlier today and got all excited when I read in the sleevenotes that some of it was recorded just down the road from where I live! (I'm a Brit too...)