What Ever Happened to That!?

Man has it been a while since I've done the random music post ...
Here're are a couple gems I've found in the past week. Hope you enjoy them, enjoy them!
Enjoy them!

Niyi is one of those idiots who hangs with Cassette Playa. What a dumb scene. Sorry. But this dude's sort of interesting ... electro-rap? No, not quite ... it's more like electro beatz over random, ethereal ranting in that ... sexy (?) British accent ...

One-Two is a friggin' awesome French power-pop/electro-pop duo. I am really into these two ... very jovial, fun pop stuff, and dude! everything's like, a 12" extended mix! You can jam out to these killer hooks and synth lines for twice as long! Listen to their stuff over on their MySpace.