Klaxons, 4.21 at the ExPlx

klaxons live
Klaxons' show was last night (4.21 at the ExPlx, AKA the basement of the Echo) and I liked it ... okay. Man did I hate the crowd, but man did I love the band.
Everyone that came was so jaded that they were "over" the concert and band before the even got in the queue for tickets and will-call. Good job, N.M.E. ... your desire to find the "next thing" every 5 seconds does nothing but make the music of today -- good and bad alike -- all the more disposable. Concerts -- Klaxons or otherwise -- aren't supposed to be where you are seen by the Cobra Snake or shake Steve Aoki's hand ... you're supposed to enjoy the authenticity of sound that the band (hopefully) represents.
And Klaxons are genuine and unique. Don't spit on something seminal like this so quickly ... please.

But yeah ... the show was good. The set was well-rounded and the transition from studio to live was nicely done. The group was totally on top of their game ... man did it show. Klaxons can definitely get a crowd going, and they made that super apparent last night, thumping bass right into my gut, setting the beats and rhythms os precisely no one could lose it, not be able to dance along. Any band that's so into their thing -- feeling such a vibe -- needs to be commended. I'm just sorry that the audience had to be so damn lame.
(Check out my photo set).
Klaxons - It's Not Over Yet (Live on MPR)
Klaxons - Golden Skans (Live on MPR)
Klaxons - As Above So Below (Live on MPR)


Anonymous said…
see the video interview with Klaxons,
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Was at the Klaxons show, not a hipster, didn't shake Steve Aoki's hand and Cobrasnake didn't care to take a picture of me.
I was UP FRONT and bouncing along with the other people super into the band.

Or perhaps YOU were standing in the back, (jaded?) and couldn't see us having a blast?
Nicholas Mercer said…
hey now ...
i was right up front, too, dancing along, believe me. i just remember the night ending with some guy giving my girlfriend a pipe (this isn't a grateful dead concert!) and a bunch of guys trying to pick up other chicks.
they brought me down, and i felt they were a good representation of the rest of the crowd, the people that weren't loving it all up in the front.
i'm not jaded.
Pan said…
I was there in the front as well. Everyone was so into it, I felt as if the crowd had a great vibe. Who cares if those other people were there? Seriously, go to listen to the bands, not to say "I was in the room with (insert name here)!"