The Old Soul

the old soul
I'm a big fan of Friendly Fire -- one of the best small indie labels out there -- and am really happy to see them releasing more stuff for 2007.
I thought it maybe ended with Asobi Seksu's debut album, but these guys hung in there, signed more spectacular groups, and now are really making a statement.

I'm especially liking the Old Soul who are soon to release their self-titled debut LP. The band has this very theatrical approach to making indie music. Many of the tracks have this sort of gypsy aesthetic to them ... but they're not quite that straightforward. The Canadian group has this Grandaddy sort of quality -- start-stop folk rock with just enough synths and samples to make them something new and unique -- but they're a little more ambitious.
Listen to these orchestrations! These arrangements! The harpsichord lines, the sharp bass lines ... man is the Old Soul right on the money!
the Old Soul - Nectar of the Nitwit
the Old Soul - River of Daughters