"All My Friends" by A Few Friends!

john cale * franz ferdinand
LCD Soundsystem's Jame Murphy is absolutely genius. The guy has lyrically maintained his sarcastic, cynical edge, put killer kraut-rock, prog-rock, and thumpin' disco beatz and bass lines under it all, and topped it all off with this spectacularly compelling conceptual nature.
He seamlessly supersedes "scenes" and genres and styles and then throws it all back at us as his own unique "scene" and style! I don't get it! He gets over the whole hipster, indie-kid dilemma by creating his own sub-culture for everyone else to jump on to.
That's good, man. It's gotta be because he's in his 30s. He's ahead of the indie game ... he knows what he wants and how he's going to accomplish it. And no matter what he says, Murphy's no jaded ... much too much of a creative and ingenious dude.

Just listen to these songs! John Cale and Franz Ferdinand (some of James Murphy's friends I'm assuming!) covered "All My Friends" and boy do the two tracks kick hard! Cale's rendition is more experimental ... an ethereal, atmospheric sort of take on the prog sensibilities of the original track. Franz's is a little more straight-forward, but still an awesome achievement for the group who has never done a song that stretches over the 4-minute mark!
Franz Ferdinand - All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem cover)
John Cale - All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem cover)