Let's Practise

Lindstrom is showing is face again! After the whole world heard the genius of the Norwegian producer on his It's A Feedelity Affair release (on Feedelity), he's opening up to us all again. No more club-only exclusive 12"s for now.

He just release a 12" with Solale featuring "Let's Practise." The track below is the b-side ... the dub version of the track. Boy is it killer. The vocals for the song are pretty scatterbrained because ... they're just practicing! Get it!? Woo!
But with the dub undertones, the song is given plenty o' justice ... let's all groove to it!
Lindstrom & Solale - Let's Practise (dub version)


hey dad,
can you buy me that guy's hat? please please i wont ask for allowance this week....
-level 1
Richard43 said…
Greetings from Baltimore and thanks for the Lindstrom post. Anything good coming up from Barry?