Air France EP

air france
Sincerely Yours -- the fantastic Stockholm-based record label that brought us the Tough Alliance and the Honeydrips -- recently released Air France's EP, On Trade Winds.

This label so reminds me of like, early Factory Records. Simple, plain, timeless album artwork, a utilitarian and bold catalog numbering system (this release is YOURS022), and a similar musical aesthetic. Air France sounds like what would happen if New Order circa '91 did a beach party in Bermuda.
Very light and bouncy electronic dance music that has this big ... empty sound! It really does sound like all of this was recorded on a beach somewhere and the sound just travels across the waves, up and down the coast, just floating on by. Relaxing, but energetic, and very fun. Check some of their stuff out!
Air France - Never Content


Anonymous said…
you mean gothenburg-based record label, right? if they saw this i am pretty sure they would be a tiny bit upset.
Nicholas Mercer said…
good call.
i don't know why they themselves haven't caught that ... sincerely yours is a big supporter! where do you think i get all the tracks!?