On Reflection ... Clarky Cat

clarky cat
One of my favorite blogs, Missingtoof wrote a spectacular piece on the Neon Plastix. The post features of remix of a Late of the Pier (many hugz and kisses!) which I gobbled up.

Then, I was prompter to look into my, uh ... "BiBaBiDi Archives" to see what New-Rave-related goods I could bring forth, not only for myself, but for all of you, too!

Clarky Cat is what I found. These guys are definitely working in the same vein as like, Klaxons and Late of the Pier, but they're a little poppier. I swear the singer sounds like Robert Smith ... and there's too much experimental stuff going on instrumentally to write these four off as "just another New-Rave group."
So don't do it! Check out some of these trax at their MySpace and download a few from below!
Clarky Cat - A Reason
Clarky Cat - Falling Into Place
Clarky Cat - Decide
Clarky Cat - Fork In the Eye