It's A Bit Complicated, From Unmastered to ...

art brut
Art Brut's finishing and prepping it's sophomore album, It's a Bit Complicated, and man is it sounding spectacular, even in its incomplete, unmastered current state.
The arrangements are denser, the [surprisingly awesome and addictive] pop hooks are even more alluring, and the band just sounds more collected, more tight, more on top of their game than ever before.

If this is an indication of anything negative, it would probably be that the group's gotten softer, right? That's what I was thinking on first listen to "Nag Nag Nag Nag" and "Direct Hit," but after some consideration ... nope. Lyrically, the band is just as sharp and sarcastic and cynical than they were with the debut. No sophomore slump for these five ...
How could there be one, though? Art Brut is the band least likely to ever mold itself to any sort of typical band structure.
Art Brut - Post Soothing Out
Art Brut - Late Sunday


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