Von Südenfed!

von sudenfed
Who would have thought that Mark E. Smith of the Fall would ever go off to work on a side project, especially a side project with the Germany techno-leaning IDM duo, Mouse on Mars!?

The collaboration is spectacular! The lead single, "Fledermaus Can't Get It" (video) is an addictive funk-addled spazzy jam with Smith on full, schizophrenic vocal duties. He's all over the place on these tracks, and man do I love it.

The Fall's gone through many ups and downs -- the 90s being a down, the earlier part of the 00s being an up, with 2007 marking the next down -- but I think Smith's jumping on board this side-project was the best way conceivable to get over the inevitable humps.
So many props to him indeed!
Von Südenfed - The Rhinohead
Von Südenfed - Flooded