The Work's Spring Mix for Next Level

the work
Remember the Work? That spectacular Norwegian dance/electronic duo I wrote about a while back?
Well, the insanely kind and willing act agreed to make a live mix at their Powerblytt dance club in Bergen for the new issue of Next Level.
The mix is raucous ... the development, the crescendo, the build-up, the adrenaline ... it's spectacular. As they themselves put it, it's 6 hours at the club condensed into 45 minutes.
The live mix features such greats as MSTRKRFT, Van She, remixes by the Teenagers, Daft Punk, Cajuan, and many more.
While you're downloading the .mp3, get your hands on the liner notes as well!
Love this band with all your heart. BiBaBiDi is eternally indebted.
The Work's Spring Mix for Next Level
The Work's Spring Mix for Next Level Liner Notes

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