Bombay Bicycle Club Revisited

bombay bicycle club
The young, young London lads of Bombay Bicycle Club finally got around to recording a real (amazing!) EP called The Boy I Used To Be. If you can quite remember this underage quartet, let me refresh your mind ...
Imagine a more youthful version of Good Shoes or Arctic Monkeys even!
The vocalist, Jack Steadman, has one hell of a unique voice (English and sweet with a bit of a warble). Instrumentally, all the songs -- slow and fast alike -- are hook-filled and jangly. There's a vibrant, energetic bounce to everything, and that sort of optimistic approach and aesthetic is what's so pleasing and compelling about this band.

I think they still need time to mature (the "hard knocks" for them include being bullied by the "older" bands and not getting any good gigs on account of their age). But, just as the Arctic Monkeys proved to us, with time, these guys will grow up a bit more and be all the more ready for churning out killer hit after hit.
Wait for it ...
If these two tracks don't wet your appetite, head over to the MySpace page!
Bombay Bicycle Club - The Hill
Bombay Bicycle Club - Sixteen


Anonymous said…
They do have a sort of Arctic Monkeys feel to them. Really like their sound, thanks for sharing!!