The Presets, "Hung Down"

the presets
I finally got a Modular Records t-shirt. It's got quite a bizarre design -- a skull with a masquerade mask would be the best description -- but I dig it. The envelope it was sent in was jammed with random Modular stuff -- EPs, singles, stickers -- but attached to the shirt (a sort of impromptu tag) was a special promo CD.

My favorite track is "Hung Down" by the Presets. As far as I can tell, it's just a re-edit of "Down Down Down" by the band, but it's dancey and fun and not quite as abrasive as other Presets stuff ... although it's plenty scratchy and frantic. Worry not.

Check it out.
the Presets - Hung Down


Anonymous said…
the song is called "hung down" because its a mash up with madonna's "hung up" and the presets "down down down" !!!!!!!!!!!
Nicholas Mercer said…
i should have figured that one out ... !
thanks for clarifying.
Anonymous said…
who made it????
Unknown said…
i have a feeling bang gang made it as in one of their podcasts from a while: New Podcast 8 - Cum & Sweat

5) The Presets – Down Down Down (Digitalism remix) 6) The Presets – Gimme Gimme Down Down 7) Madonna – Hung Up (Diplo’s Hollertronix remix)
Nicholas Mercer said…
blake --

good call, man ... that looks more that right, what you said.
what would i do without my readers ... ?!
RedSheep said…
Any chance of a repost, this edit is wicked!
RedSheep said…
^^ found it on filestube! :)