A new discovery every day ...
Riotmaker (MySpace) is this great independent Italian record label. Who would've thought ...

I found the label through Amari (MySpace), the oldest roster member and -- I think -- joint owners of the label itself. Amari, a quintet, made a name for themselves before the turn of the millennium with their electronic breed of European hip-hop, but have since become more of an "experimental electronic" outfit that dabbles in dance music, hip-hop, pop, and plenty more. Check out some of their stuff below -- it's solid.

The label has an impressively large roster. I really dig Ex-Otago as well ... they're a hype-y cute indie-rock outfit that will certain get stuck in your head after just a listen or two.

Listen to a few tracks by those two groups ... I hope to have more material up online someday soon, but for now, I'll leave you with this. Don't want to doll out too much of a sensory overload ...

Amari - Le gite fuori porta

Ex-Otago - Giorni Vacanzieri (Fare Soldi Ccvaalihh Remix)

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