New Creation Centre EP, Soto

Still trying to rub the sleep out of your eyes this sunny day (in L.A.)? Music Related's digital imprint label, Creation Centre just released the thing for you, then: a new eponymous four-track EP by Soto that can be downloaded here. As usual, you, the listener, have a plethora of download options -- you can get the high-quality, flawless version, the single tracks, or a ZIP file of everything, including album art. Quite a nice deal for a freebie -- you should donate.

The EP is really great, though. Soto plays this modest, humble blend of glitchy electronics and serene slow-paced folk music that is surprisingly powerful for its gentleness. Every note sounds so deliberate -- a labor of love -- and it clearly transmits well, despite the language barrier. Download the thing, put on some noise-blocking headphones, sit back, and let calm and refreshing wave after wave of Soto wash over you.

When will Japan become as trendy as Sweden, though? Maybe that's the wrong question to ask ... I don't really want everyone to know the "secret" and find a world of foreign songs that I hold so dear.

Soto - My Blue Plane (Soto Version)