Yves Klein Blue

I'll be on a bit of a vacation over Christmas, and while I'll be posting as regular, I probably won't be all over the Internet (*ahem* like I usually am) tomorrow, what with a 4-hour flight and time zone changes and all. As you may've already guessed, I'm writing this post on Tuesday, but you'll all be reading it on Wednesday while I'm probably reading Persepolis or something in the air!

Anyway ... I've a parting gift for you all: Yves Klein Blue. The Brisbane quartet is a perfect cross-breeding of the hygienic garage of Dirty Pretty Things and the folksier, sloppier ramblings of Pete Doherty & Co. Really great stuff that'll get you dancing, tapping your feet, whatever. Not one of the group's songs lacks a killer hook or catchy bass line. The vocalist is definitely a crooner, but he keeps everything in check, never letting too loose while adding in ample amounts of rock star charisma. Oh, and in terms of drumming, Yves Klein Blue has it down pat. The songs have this sort of swing to them that lightens the heavier melodies and arrangements and just makes you ... happy!

Unfortunately, I can only offer "Silence Is Distance" as a stream, but you'll love it, so just suck it up and admit defeat: for now, this MP3 is only residing online!

Yves Klein Blue - Silence Is Distance (Demo)