The December Sound

I'm hoping that Boston's the December Sound (MySpace) deliberately sent me an introductory email yesterday, as it's now December! Wow ... that year went slow. Loved it.

The December Sound is a very exciting quartet. They combine the wall-of-sound aesthetic and grit of shoegazers like My Bloody Valentine, but add to the mix this clean industrial sound and post-punk vibe that elevates them to a more accessible and appropriate-for-the-21st-century level. They're also genre hoppers: one track'll be a melodious, relaxing shoegaze tune reminiscent of something by Slowdive or the Jesus & Mary Chain, then the next will be a jagged garage tune that sounds more like a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club cover of some old Nine Inch Nails song. And there might be some psych-rock in there, just for good measure.

It's really refreshing to hear these guys. They are clearly super-skilled musicians -- I can only imagine how difficult these songs are to play! -- and labor over their craft. Not a single track on the debut eponymous LP (also nicknamed The Silver Album) has a hole in it, a distracting mistake ... nothing's wrong. The December Sound is especially exciting now when clubs and venues are chalk-full of ironic laptop DJs and crummy electronic bands ... these Boston boys will remind you what real music is and that a sugar high of no substance should never be mistaken for a real, hearty meal (to be proverbial). Cherish the December Sound.

the December Sound - Truth Hurts

the December Sound - No Heaven Like Hell

the December Sound - Do You In


Anonymous said…
This band is money.