SirBilly Remixes

Who the heck is SirBilly!?
He's been involved in music since 1978. Began his carrier as record collector and radio speaker. Then he's been known as vocalist with Templebeat (a combo who gained massive airplay during the 90es, charted in Germany and Switzerlands, played several european festivals and appeared on RAI + MTV's 120 Minutes). He started writing during the 80s for Music Club and Dynamo, now he's a columnist for Il Mucchio Selvaggio and Il Mucchio Extra.
Remixer, alone and in collaboration with The Bloody Beetroots.
Impressive, right?
I've never heard of the Italian jack-of-all-trades until now, but these remixes he did in collaboration with the Bloody Beetroots (AKA the Best DJ Duo In Italy -- funny, huh?) are pretty alright. I've no idea where the Cabaret Voltaire song is in the one and they both sound pretty damn similar, but if you're named SirBilly and you're presumedly pretty damn old ... I guess this is what you get!

A Split Second - Flesh (The Bloody Beetroots Vs SirBilly Remix)

Cabaret Voltaire -- Sensoria (The Bloody Beetroots vs SirBilly Experience Remix)


Anonymous said…
Hey,someone is saying SirBilly is pretty old! eheh

He's legend, wish we had less laptop premade dj set and more talent like him around :)

Big UP!