Faux Pas

Damn, I really wish I could claim discovering this one, but alas, this is not the case ...
Hopefully, some of you loyal readers haven't been graced by the awesomeness that is Melbourne's Faux Pas (MySpace), an electronic artist (in the most broad and unoffensive way possible).

Faux Pas is an overwhelming musical technician, as I'm dubbing him: he's incredibly crafty and creative with his computer, the underlying "instrument" in all his music. He pieces together melodies he's recorded, sampled, remixed, or whatever in this dazzling, ever-changing way. Listen to one song and, on second song, you'll think you're hearing a different song. Numerous layers, sonic twists and turns, warbles, blips, and bops, and eclectic drum patterns somehow pile up into these concise entity that is ... Faux Pas (very good name).

Maybe Faux Pas himself describes his musical palette best:
... Sounds of psychedelia, radiophonics, Afrobeat, my friends, Steely Dan, Jethro Tull, House music, Negativland. Everything. I marry samples with parts of songs recorded by my friends, plus lots of wobbly synths and cutup drums and percussion.

You can buy some very reasonably priced albums from Faux Pas here. The stellar tunes below are from Changes, a remix EP of spectacular proportions. (Actually, three tracks seem to be original, but the two below are indeed remixes Faux Pas has done.)

Pikelet - Bug-in-Mouth (Faux Pas Remix)

Zeal - Yumi and the Sky (Faux Pas Remix)