Sad as it may be, I've not listened to Boards of Canada's seminal work, Music Has the Right to Children in something like two years. Their masterpiece -- a beautiful and organic melding of IDM, ambient noises, and ethereal, mystical eletronic melodies -- has unfortunately been collecting dust on my shelf, but this is certain to change now that I've thoroughly listened to Am-boy's (MySpace) output ... which one can't help but call at least a slight homage to the great Boards of Canada.

Unlike B.O.C., though, Am-boy is wildly prolific: he's released approximately thirteen albums and EPs since 1998, some of which were on the archaic technology that was the cassette! I can generally dub his music IDM or something along those lines, but there's a depth and maturity to these songs that's truly unparalleled. Listening to Am-boy, in particular his latest LP, Horrible Oracle Blessedness, I get the impression that he didn't actually create these songs ... no, these are simply found sounds that he's meticulously recorded. The album is enjoyable in its naturalness and smoothness of texture ... it's tough to imagine these tunes being developed on a cold, calculating computer.

Buy the stupendous album over at Attacknine. It's quite a work.

Am-boy - Full Circle

Am-boy - Seaward Classic

Am-boy - Rallies, Fads, and Riots