Ahh, Holiday cheer. As it gets closer to Christmas (and other winter holidays that involve gift giving) and people get in an increasingly better mood (no work, presents) the Internet becomes a giant Christmas tree under which loads of free tunes are stashed for all. What a deal!

Tybalt, an Australian DJ and electronic artist, is taking part in the festivities with his new remix of Damn Arms' (MySpace) "Edie." The original, in classic Damn Arms fashion, is this heavy, sludgier number that mixes punk, heavier rock, and the electronic edge and excitement of say ... Klaxons. It's quite a good tune that can be heard at the band's the band's website (I guess they don't celebrate Christmas).

The remix incorporates more club elements into the original, throwing in a dash of synth sleaze and upping the atmospherics with some reverb. I like. It's a great dance track that just got a little chilly and slowed down a bit!

Check out the remix below and grab Tybalt's remix of Cut Off Your Hands' "Closed Eyes" as well!

Damn Arms - Edie (Tybalt Remix)

Cut Off Your Hands - Closed Eyes (Tybalt Remix)