Glasvegas (MySpace) -- quite a name, right? The Glasgow four-piece is quite a band, though.

Glasvegas' MySpace describes their sound as "Experimental/Surf/Pop" and, surprisingly, such a classification isn't far off. The band plays heavy shoegaze-infused atmospheric post-punk songs which pull both a page from Echo & the Bunnymen's as well as Slowdive/My Bloody Valentine's. The songs are incredibly deep and at times a little overwhelming because of the vastness of their grand wall of sound. But the quartet keeps the production clean and crisp, enunciating the guitar melodies, stellar bass lines, and vocalist's uber-accent despite the umbrella of reverb and echo that encapsulates the songs as a whole.

"Daddy's Gone" sounds like the Raveonettes meets Interpol meets surf pop (for real). If only I could offer it for download ... check it out on their MySpace. But first -- grab the below demos. Never have I heard such expertly produced home demos! Wow! This is indeed a very good, very solid band.

Glasvegas - Go Square Go! (Demo)

Glasvegas - Geraldine (Demo)


Anonymous said…
Great post!
The kind of songs you want to go on for ever, almost feels empty when they finish.