New Beach House

The new Beach House (MySpace) album, Devotion, is a stunning work of beauty. No questions asked. The Baltimore duo's follow-up to their eponymous debut is more complex, more layered, more technical. It's the first album taken to a new level, it's the first album with heightened sensibilities and sans newbie skin.

Devotion is the work of a weathered band that deserves every Mazzy Star, Slowdive, and Galaxie 500 comparison. But Beach House is by no means derivative, and Devotion proves that ... an expertly crafted record of swooning vocals, delicate, fragile guitar melodies and supple organ lines, and an air of maturity and self-awareness that is both unusual and much appreciated. Check out "Gila" below. It'll put you to sleep ... soothing.
"D.A.R.L.I.N.G." is immaculate -- the best song on the album -- and while I would love to post it, I'm not sure if that's cool ... the Grizzly Bear blog has it, though.

Devotion is out on Carpark Records on February 26. Buy it.

Beach House - Gila


Robyn said…
I haven't listened to Beach House in ages!...or...okay, not ages, maybe less than a year, but it's been a while. Thanks for the mp3. Or thanks for all your mp3s! I download loads of em but haven't said "THANKS FOR ALL THE SONGS AND GOOD STUFF!" in a long time. -__- You always post about awesome things. AND THAT IS WHY I LUUUV UUU.