Coldplay Cover Wham!'s "Last Christmas" Just In Time for ... Christmas!

I've never, not once posted a Coldplay song on this blog, but today, I'm making an exception. While I generally dislike the group (Coldplay = sound effect, not music to me), the video they posted on their website is just too cute. The quartet is staving off the rabid masses with a cover of Wham!'s "Last Christmas" (sorry, no album for you yet).

It's actually sort of sweet and calming -- and I think we can all agree that Chris Martin sings with with a much more endearing and sentimental tone that George Michael ever could claim. Enjoy the MP3 as well! Have a good one, folks!

Coldplay - Last Christmas (Wham! Cover)


Geni said…
Love it but George's voice missing there! ;o)
Anonymous said…
I like the new Japanese version of Last Christmas by Foxxi MisQ