New Kalle J.

BBBD's favorite Swedish singer-songwriter, Kalle J. is back at it with a new song, "When You See Me," a sort of Burt Bacharach swing number with plenty of horns, shimmery low key drum patterns, a cute bongo line, and, of course, Kalle J.'s wonderfully straight-forward voice.

I see the second coming of Shibuya-kei in this kid. Light-hearted and fun, suave and casually constructed, dance-y yet laid back. Kalle J.'s music is terribly refreshing in a world of pop music that is increasingly populated with stylistic, aesthetic, or artistic destructionists. It's great to hear someone like Kalle J. bring back a simpler type of music that's perfectly fine to enjoy and unquestionably accessible to all. I wish the best to this one ...

Check out his blog, too. And don't forget to dig around Hybris Records' archives -- the phenomenal label that the phenomenal musician is signed to.

Kalle J. - When You See Me