The Do

Imagine a jazzier, folksier version of the Cardigans and you've approximately got the Finnish/French duo, the Do.

The band is comprised of Olivia Merilahti -- one of the most wonderful singers who seems equally well versed in jazz club, musical, rock, and folk singing and alternates between them all through the debut album, A Mouthful -- and Dan Levy who seems to be the main songwriter and arranger. Undeniably, though, these two work as a solid, tight team that produces hooky, serenading pop tunes ... sometimes they lean more towards the ballad side of things, sometimes a little more to the soft-rock end, and sometimes they edge more towards straight-up acoustic folk music.

Regardless, all the songs on A Mouthful -- out on January 14 -- are especially engaging and memorable ... clearly a labor of love. The Do will slowly but surely pull you in tighter and tighter, and by the end of the fifteen-track LP, you'll be dazed by the verisimilitude demonstrated by the small band and ... won't ... be ... able ... to ... get ... those ... blasted melodies ... out ... of... your ... head!

the Do - When Was I Last Home?

the Do - Stay (Just A Little Bit More)

the Do - On My Shoulders


Anonymous said…
thanks for the link. i have listened to Stay about 6 times today. i will definitely look for their album when it is out.